2023 Algonac Boat Show Registration

There are two ways to register and/or pay for our show…

Please note:  The “Friday Picnic Cruise” needs to be Paid for SEPERATELY.
Do not include this amount in your check/M.O. amount with the printed out forms!
You will need to mail a separate check/M.O. for either option you choose below (see page 4 of the PDF forms.)
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Option 1:
PRINT and MAIL with Check/Money Order.
The 7 page registration form (which includes a brief description of our events/pages 3 & 4) are in PDF format.
When you click the link, you can fill out the forms on your computer and print it out, or print out the empty forms and complete them with a pen.
Then, MAIL the forms, with your check/M.O. as per the instructions at the bottom of page 1.
PLEASE READ and FILL-OUT the Paper form properly!
To use this method, click here…

2023 Registration PDF Form

Option 2:
Our ONLINE registration form
contains the exact information as the PDF forms. (It just looks different)
This Online Registration page contains Event Activities and begins your Online Registration process.
After you fill-in all the applicable information with the online registration, you will able to submit your payment directly via PayPal.
To use this method, click here…

2023 Online Registration